2002 Newsletters

December Newsletter

From the Desk of the Executive Vice President:

As we enter a new year, it is very apparent that our industry is going through a change.  General aviation is in a slump, and the airlines are in a major retrenchment. This change will have an effect on the viability of many airports and local labor forces, as well as the general economy. Airports are being closed at a rate of two per week, mostly due to profitability issues. Some airports are run within a system that allows everyone to benefit from each other; however, municipalities are now trying to shed the unprofitable airports, which, in turn, could lead to less places to fly.  As general aviation changes with new technology in engines, avionics, and airframes, we hope that it will, once again, lead to growth in our industry, but in a different form than we see today. GA airports may become the key to our transportation system. Airports will need investment in new facilities, operational equipment, and systems. Flying needs to be as accessible and cost efficient to as wide a group of users as possible: this means not only recreational flyers, but families, business travelers, and corporate aviation consumers as well. We need to be prepared to accommodate all of these needs. The airports that do will prosper, while those that don’t may face closure.

It is important, in a cycle such as this, that we continue to promote aviation and, specifically, the benefits that our GA airports provide. We must be a unified voice to the community, the owners of the airports, and the business community. Otherwise, vast majorities of our GA airports will be in peril.

Robert A. Clifford



Whiteman Airport recently acquired a sweeper, courtesy of Santa Monica, and a brand-new F-150 pick-up truck.  Both new pieces of equipment should help us serve you more effectively and efficiently.


As of December 1, the fuel at Whiteman Airport will be supplied by ChevronTexaco.  If you would like to get a Chevron credit card, please pick up an application in the Airport Office.  We will no longer be accepting Air BP cards.

Also, please make sure that checks are made out to American Airports Corporation, not Chevron, Air BP or Valley Oil.

WHP Business Corner


Vista Aviation Inc., a full-service FBO that has been located at WHP for the past 23 years, offers a wide variety of services to the flying public.  These include new Cessna aircraft sales as well as used aircraft sales.  VA is also a factory-authorized Cessna Service Center for maintenance and parts with a stock of the most popular service parts and pilot supplies.  A well-known avionics shop providing repairs and installations with all major brands available (including new and overhauled stock), VA has received several awards from the avionics manufacturers.  For more information, visit www.vistaaviation.com.

VA’s companion business is Vista Air, a factory-approved Cessna Pilot Center that offers a wide range of aircraft for instruction and rent.  Computer-assisted testing is also available for both airmen and mechanics.  Visit www.vistaair.com for further details.

Letter from the Manager


The staff at Whiteman Airport would like to wish everyone a merry holiday and a grand New Year!!  Please have a safe and happy holiday season.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year.


Lupe Mora (WHP Tower Manager) has been promoted and reassigned to a position in Tennessee where he will have quality assurance responsibilities.  I think that this promotion says something about the caliber of man that has served our Airport so well over the past two years.  We wish him the best with any and all future endeavors.


As you all should know, the County of Los Angeles and American Airports Corporation require all tenants to have up-to-date insurance.  Current certificates of insurance must be kept on file in the Airport Office.  If you have not forwarded a copy of your insurance to us, please do so as soon as possible.


Scott Wardle, the general manager of AAC’s Supermarine operation in Santa Monica, is currently serving as Whiteman’s new interim manager.  Please stop by the office and introduce yourself to Scott.  He brings a wealth of management experience to Whiteman Airport.

-James A. Valdez
Assistant Manager

November Newsletter
From the Desk of the HR Manager:


Please welcome Chip Smith to American Airports! Chip has recently joined AAC on a full-time basis as our Business Analyst. He will initially spend time learning about operations by visiting each of the LA County Airports.  Many of you may have already seen him on the airport premises. In addition to learning about the operations, Chip will provide Management with his observations of our co-workers and the condition of our properties.  He will also make recommendations on how to improve performance and customer service when serving our tenants and clients.

Chip has worked as an analyst for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, and is a recent graduate of Antioch University


American Airports Corporation is in the process of developing an “Adopt-A-School Program.”  If you have any particular schools you would like to nominate for this program, please contact me directly at (310) 664-3125 or via e-mail at mmcnulty@americanairports.net.

Mellisa McNulty
Human Resources Manager
American Airports Corporation


New Gate Cards

If you have not replaced or bought a new gate card, please come by the Airport Office and do so.

Unicom Frequency

We will have the Unicom frequency (122.95) up and running on or before November 20.  Please feel free to use the frequency to call up for fuel.
I would personally like to thank Sun Quest for the use of the frequency.

WHP Business Corner

--Sun Quest--

Sun Quest Aviation has been in operation at Whiteman Airport since 1985.  Besides offering flight instruction for private through flight instructor ratings, SQ also sells pilot supplies, rents aircraft, and has instructors available for biennial flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.  SQ recently acquired a Duchess for multi-engine training, and an FAA-approved Elite flight simulator is also available for instrument instruction.

Owners Frank and Joanne Kratzer invite everyone to drop by to meet SQ’s friendly staff, swap stories, and view the runway from a conveniently located observation deck.

For aircraft rates and rental requirements, please visit SQ’s Web site at: www.flysunquest.com.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mon-Sun.)
Telephone Number: (818) 890-2255

Letter from the Manager


There has been a problem with illegal dumping on the airfield.  I would like to ask the tenants on the airfield for their help in stopping this illegal activity.  If you see anyone dumping material illegally, please call the Airport Office (818/896-5271).  We will need a description of the person and/or vehicle, and any other pertinent information.  If you do not feel comfortable giving us your name, you may remain anonymous.

Secondly, I would also like to ask the Airport Users to help us with litter control.  Please close the dumpsters after using them.   Also, we ask that you take the time to brake down boxes and bag any lose papers before putting the material in the dumpsters.  Thank you for your help!

New Business Section

As you probably noticed, there is a new business section highlighted on the front page of the Airport newsletter.  This section will feature a different business on the airfield each month.  If you would like to participate in this section, we invite you to come by or call the Airport Office (818/896-5271).

Please remember that our door is always open.  Feel free to come by the office to voice your concerns or to just say hi.


James A. Valdez
Assistant Airport Manager
American Airports Corporation

 Calendar of Events

Display Day
2nd Sunday of each month
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

October Newsletter

From the Desk of the HR Manager:

American Airports Corporation is currently undergoing a recruitment effort to attract and hire the most qualified candidates to serve you at our airports.  We appreciate all the leads that have come from the users of the airports, and encourage you to forward any potential leads directly to our Human Resources Department.

All resumes can be sent directly via e-mail to mmcnulty@americanairports.net or via mail to: American Airports Corporation ~ ATTN: Human Resources ~ 2951 28th Street, Suite 3000, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

AAC's goal is to make airports and aviation operations safe, service-oriented and secure.  Your assistance will help us continue to improve the quality of our organization.


Mellisa McNulty
Human Resources Manager


New Gate Cards

If you have not yet purchased a new gate card or exchanged an old one, please come by the Airport Administration Office and do so.  It only takes a minute or so of your time, so please come on in.  Also, in order to avoid causing any major inconvenience to our tenants, the old system will still be in operation until the changing-over process has been completed.

Emergency Phone

We have recently installed a new phone at the fuel island.  It is for precautionary purposes and emergency situations only.  Be advised that the phone will dial 911 when the receiver is picked up. The phone is located in a black box that is mounted on the side of the fuel shack. Next time you’re at the fuel island, please familiarize yourself with its location.


The airport restaurant, Rocky’s, is under new ownership.  Be sure to come by and meet our newest Whiteman Family Members, Rafael Vazquez and Marisa Iadevaia. Breakfast is also now being served!  Beginning October 7, you can satisfy your morning hunger pains from 9 to 11:00 a.m. daily.

Letter from the Manager

Open-Door Policy

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the tenants at our Airport for their time and willingness to work together with Airport Management.  It is gratifying that so many of our tenants are willing to take such an active role in the Airport.

I would also like to let the Airport users know about our open door policy.  If you have any concerns that you feel need to be addressed by the Airport Administration, please do not hesitate to come by the office and let us know.

If you would just like to come by and say hello, that would be fine as well.

We look forward to continuing to develop a healthy working relationship with the Airport users.

Security: Still a Priority

This is just a reminder that security remains a major priority at Whiteman Airport.  Again, if you notice ANY suspicious activity, please report it to the Airport Office immediately.

Also, the FBI requests that you report any stolen aircraft to the number below:
FBI: 310-477-6565


-James A. Valdez
Assistant Airport Manager

 Calendar of Events

Los Angeles County Aviation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, October 30, 2002 @ 9 a.m.
4233 N. Santa Anita Ave.
El Monte, CA 91731
(626) 448-6129

September Newsletter


Having just past the anniversary date of the terrorist attacks on our country, I'm certain that all of us recalled where we were and the range of emotions that we experienced. In the shadow of that dark moment, we saw the bright light of the American spirit wash over this crime and bring unity to a nation, which always overcomes times of adversity.

We live in the greatest country on earth, and often it is our response to events like these that define us. This tragedy has changed our lives and should change how we interact at our general aviation airports. Security at our airports cannot be achieved with just technology and fencing, but requires the participation of the entire community. Each of you needs to be alert to any suspicious activity and quick in reporting it to the Airport Manager. Do not allow cars to "piggy back" through the Airport gates. Only authorized users with access cards should be admitted on Airport property.

Also, please submit to the Airport Manager any ideas you may have to enhance security. Only together will we be able to ensure the highest level of security for the Los Angeles County Airport System. Thank you for your assistance.

-Kris Thabit, Chief Operating Officer


Fire Extinguishers

We still have fire extinguishers that have not been picked up yet.  If you turned one in, you need to come by the Administration Office to pick it up.  Please note, you need a fire extinguisher in your hangar to pass your hangar inspection.

New Gate Cards

The renovation to the Gate Card System has been completed.  All tenants need to come by the Airport Administration Office to either exchange an old card or buy a new one if you do not have one to exchange. In order to avoid causing any major inconvenience to our tenants, the old system is still in operation and will be until we feel that a majority of the airport users have the new gate card.

To get a new gate card, you will need to supply us with the following information:

-Phone #
-ID #
-Field Location
-Company, if applicable

Security Update

Please note that security remains a major priority at Whiteman Airport.  Again, if you notice any suspicious activity, please report it immediately.

Also, the FBI requests that you report any stolen aircraft to the number below:

FBI: 310-477-6565



With hangar inspections fast approaching, I would like to share with you some of the things that are not allowed to occur or be in the hangars.

1. There are to be no alterations, modifications or construction of any kind without a building permit

2. There are to be no storage shelves higher than eight (8) feet high

3. There are to be no partitions between hangars

4. There are to be no heaters or air-conditioning of any type

5. There are to be only self-closing gas containers with no more than ten (10) gallons of flammable liquid stored in a hangar, excluding that which is stored in vehicle and aircraft fuel tanks

6. There are to be adequate and readily accessible fire extinguishers with a suitable tab showing the date of the most recent inspection

7. No cylinders or flasks of compressed gas are allowed

8. There are to be no automotive repairs performed in hangar areas

9. There are to be no commercial businesses unless a business permit and an occupancy number has been determined by the Fire Marshall’s Office and approved by the County of Los Angeles and the Manager

10. Extension cords are not to be used as permanent wiring

-James A. Valdez,
Assistant Airport Manager

Calendar of Events

 Los Angeles County Aviation Commission Meeting
-Wednesday, September 25, 2002 @ 7 p.m.
 4555 West Avenue G
 Lancaster, CA 93536
 (661) 940-1709

August Newsletter

From the Desk of the Director:

In just a few weeks, the first anniversary of that tragic day, September 11, will be upon us. Therefore, I think that this would be an appropriate time to remind you of some of the security requests from the FAA. The FAA asks that you report:

----Any suspicious activity on the airfield
----Any aircraft with unusual or unauthorized modifications
----Pilots who appear to be under the control of other persons
----Also, please use a prop lock to secure your aircraft and do not leave the key out in the open.

Secondly, I just recently met with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. They are requesting that if anyone knows of any stolen aircraft from the airports, they call 310-477-6565 immediately!

We thank you for your security questions and concerns. We assure you that we are working hard to make our airports safe and secure for all people who frequent them.

Richard E. Freeman, C.M.
Director of Airports, Western/Pacific RegionalNews/Announcements



Whiteman Airport is proud to inform you that one of our tenants, Mike James, recently won the Bronze Award at the 2002 EAA Oshkosh competition for his Glass Air 2 aircraft.  Congratulations, Mike!

Fire Extinguishers

Below is a list of hangars whose tenants have still not picked up their fire extinguishers from the airport office.  Please note that you will not pass your hangar inspection if you do not have your fire extinguisher. See Eddie Cruz in the airport office if you have any questions.

Security Update
Whiteman Airport is currently undergoing renovations to upgrade its security systems.  A new computerized gate card system is being installed and additional CCTV cameras are also being added. If you have any further security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact airport management.

Letter from the Manager

There are several items to share with you this month:

1. As you know, we have been discussing hanger inspections throughout the summer. The newly formed Airport Association has shown an interest in helping conduct such a task. However, we would like to postpone any inspections until further notice.

Our plan is to make September “Hangar Clean-Up Month.”  During September, we will provide large construction dumpsters around the airport to encourage those tenants who may be in non-compliance to clean up their hangars. We are also trying to get a hazardous material dumpster in September. The goal of all of this is safety.

2. I am currently working with the County of Los Angeles to stripe a roadway for two-way traffic from the South Hangar area to the North Hangar area. We are hoping that this will help the speeding and traffic situation.

3. We are also in the process of locating an area to paint a compass rose. We hope to have the projects concluded within the next 30 days.

4. I would also like to officially welcome Whiteman’s new assistant manager, James Valdez.  He comes to us from Tacoma Narrows Airport in Washington. Please stop by the office and welcome Jim to our airport.

5. One last item: If you have any comments, concerns, ideas or complaints, please put them in writing and send them to either Whiteman Airport management or the American Airports Corporation’s corporate offices in Santa Monica.
The address is 2951 28th St., Ste. 3000; Santa Monica, CA 90405.


Richard E. Freeman
Director of Airports, Western/Pacific Regions
American Airports Corporation

July Newsletter

Safety First: There are several items regarding safety for this month’s newsletter.

First is that most of you are aware of the existence of the WHP Safety Committee that meets once a month. The minutes of these meetings are now available on the WHP Safety web site. That address is http://www.whpsafety.org  One item that is being investigated by the Safety Committee is the feasibility of getting an ATIS for WHP.

Another item discussed was that there was a diagram regarding the traffic pattern that had been previously distributed. If anyone still has that diagram, please note that the entry points identified on it are not correct.  When the tower is not in operation, the following procedures are suggested. When the winds favor RWY12, the upwind entry procedure should be flown. When the winds favor RWY30 and you are inbound from the northwest, north, and northeast to WHP, right traffic should be flown. If inbound from the west left traffic via the 5/118 would work best for RWY30.  Normal traffic pattern when the tower is closed is left traffic for RWY 12 and right traffic for RWY 30. Please note that these are only suggestions and the pilot in command always has the final say on what procedures are used.

From the Desk of the Executive Vice President:

In September of this year, American Airports Corporation will conclude its fifth year of operations. We have come a long way from an idea jotted down on a piece of paper to a company that operates on ten airports with 110-plus employees, services over 3500 tenants, 2500 acres of airport land, 800,000 square feet of facilities, and reports to six separate governmental agencies.

While we have experienced some challenges, our future and continued growth will be determined by our focus and service to our clients: the Owners of the airports and the Tenants and Users at the airports. The promotion of aviation, creation of new value in the airport assets, and being service-oriented and reactive to the needs of our Clients will help us continue to be successful and define our Company goals. This is important,
not only at the executive level, but most importantly, at the day-to-day interactive level of all of our co-workers with the Public.

American Airports Corporation would like to thank you for your support, and will continue to be creative and solution- oriented as we operate the airports. Any feedback or ideas on what we can do better, or how we can promote the airports and aviation, would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Diana Guevera at El Monte Airport for promoting our goals and receiving the Quarterly Employee Excellence Award.

-Robert Clifford

From the Airport  Manager:

There are several miscellaneous items to share with everyone this month.

Security reminder: You, the airport users, are our best defense against unlawful activity on the airport. If you observe any suspicious activity, please contact the local law enforcement agency.

As many of you know there is an airport organization that is in its formative stage. Representatives of this organization who were hoping to open up a dialogue with airport management approached me in order to facilitate such a forum. This is a concept I embrace, having been very involved with similar organizations at other airports. Such an organization can benefit all airport users by providing a forum for discussing airport issues and possible ways to address these issues.  With that goal in mind, I attended the meeting held July 9th in order to show support for a positive and productive airport association. I hope this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship that results in a better airport for everyone involved.  One item that was discussed at the initial meeting held with the steering committee representatives from the airport association members involved hangar inspections. It was agreed that it would benefit everyone if these inspections were postponed until September. Also, in order to accommodate what may be more than the normal amount of trash, two large dumpsters will be provided for hangars clean outs.

There have been lots of questions and comments regarding the movie production activity, both on the main ramp and in the three end hangars of the M&D hangar complex. Your comments are welcomed and they allowed us to address several concerns regarding this activity. These hangars have been rented out on a temporary basis and they are paying an additional fee because they are non-aviation. They also have all the business licenses and permits required.  The revenue collected helps not only helps keep the airport operating in the black but a portion is spent directly back on the airport. For example, the aforementioned dumpsters are being paid for out of this revenue, as are two bulletin boards that will used to disseminate pertinent airport information and the stop bar painted on the pavement at the corner of the M&D hangars.
One last item, all of the gates will be accessible only with a gate card from dusk to dawn, effective the first of August.

Calendar of Events

WHP   1100 to 1400 local
August 11,  2002
Aircraft Display Day

June Newsletter

Aircraft Display Day – Whiteman Airport
June 9, 2002

Again, thanks to those of you who displayed your aircraft this month. This month there were close to 20 aircraft on display. We also had the good fortune of having the Model T Club display their vintage cars. The Civil Air Patrol also participated and plans to have their cadets assisting us at future display days.

Display Day is the second Sunday of the month, with parking out in the transient area and the ramp adjoining it. Any ideas, advice or volunteers are more than welcome!

From the Manager

As the saying goes, the one constant in life is change. Since 9/11, the world of aviation has changed significantly. But that is not the only catalyst for change at Whiteman. We are blessed with being in the right place at the right time, and so, have to face the challenge of growth. Unlike so many airports in CA, WHP is not in danger of closing. Just check out http://www.calpilots.org and see that California has lost 50 airports in the last 20 years. It is WHP’s good fortune that the reverse is actually true. WHP is growing substantially. There are over 100 people on the hangar waiting list, and more sign up every day.  We have numerous letters of intent from people describing what they want to build here. A strategy on how to develop the airport is being developed through a land use study. This study is an effort directed and managed by American Airports and the County of Los Angeles. The end product of this study will be a plan that identifies how to best utilize the airport property.

That plan will address the land use, but how do we address the fact that there will be more and more airport users? Well, for one thing, we need to pay more attention to the rules that are already in existence. The County Code that governs airports is Title 19, and it can be found on http://www.whpsafety.org.  There are other ways to ensure that WHP grows safely and with minimal impact upon all users, and that is by using consideration and common sense when operating on the airport. For example, storing cars on the airport won’t work if everyone stores cars for months at a time in common use areas. Having fire hazards in your hangar does not create a safe environment for you or your neighbors. Blocking taxi lanes while performing your preflight walk around is also discourteous to the other airport users. Driving too fast in an increasingly congested environment is not a good practice, either. Avoiding these practices are but a few ways that you can help make WHP a better airport during this time of prosperity.

Other Airport Items:
Thanks for all your cooperation on the vehicle policy. The new policy was needed due to the high volume of vehicles being stored around the airport for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, due to that becoming a problem, a fairly strict policy is now in place. Productive input regarding this policy has been helpful and continues to be welcomed.

Hangar inspections: I have received a lot of input and questions regarding them. For clarification, every month, a row of hangars will be inspected. The row will be identified in the newsletter and then once coordination has occurred with the LA Fire Department and with County Building and Safety, a written notice will be sent out with the specific dates. This should give everyone adequate advance notice. In July, Row CC will be inspected.

Subletting hangars. This is just a reminder that subletting of hangars is prohibited in the hangar leases. Given that there are close to 100 people waiting to get a hangar at WHP, it is not fair to them if hangars that are available do not follow the process. Needless to say, subletting is grounds for eviction of both the permittee and the occupant.

Calendar of Events

WHP  1100 to 1400 local.  July 14  2002
Aircraft Display Day

EMT June 29 and 30. 0900 to 1800
Static Air Expo

May Newsletter

Aircraft Display Day – Whiteman
Airport  May 12, 2002

Many thanks to those of you who displayed your aircraft.  Display Day is the second Sunday of the month, with parking out in the transient area and the ramp adjoining it, the "back ramp."  Any ideas, advice or volunteers for helping out are more than welcome.



For those of you who don’t know who American Airports is, I would like to take a moment to describe our company. We are the largest general aviation airport management company in the US. In addition to the 5  Los Angeles County Airports that you frequent, we also operate Tacoma Narrows in Washington, Altoona-Blair County Airport in Pennsylvania, and Newnan-Coweta County Airport and Winder-Barrow Airport in Georgia.   In addition, we recently signed a long-term lease to operate Lakefront Airport in New Orleans, and are awaiting approval by the FAA.  We also anticipate taking over Henderson Field Airport on Midway Island in the South Pacific before the end of the month.  In addition to airport management, we provide  consulting services, and own aviation-related properties.  American Airports Corporation is growing rapidly, and the events of September 11th seem to have increased the public’s interest in general aviation travel.  We hope that you are content with our service; we strive to continue to provide improved services in the future.  We also anticipate seeing you at more locations in the future.

Kris Thabit
Chief Operating Officer
American Airports Corporation


Hangar Inspections

The long-awaited hangar inspection program will begin in June. The following is a sampling of building and fire safety Requirements for hangar use at the Whiteman Airport that will be incorporated into this program. These are Los Angeles County requirements and may be referenced in LA County Fire Codes, Section 103 of the Uniform Building Code, or in Los Angeles County Code Title 19.

1. No alterations, modifications or construction of any kind without a building permit.
2. No storage shelves higher than eight (8) feet high.
3. No removal of partitions between hangars.
4. No air conditioners or heaters of any type.
5. Self-closing gas containers only with no more than ten (10) gallons of flammable liquid stored in a hangar, excluding that which is stored in vehicle and aircraft fuel tanks.
6. No automotive repairs performed in hangar areas allowed.
7. No commercial businesses unless a business permit and an occupancy number have been determined by the Fire Marshall’s Office and approved by the County of Los Angeles and their Manager.
8. Extension cords are not to be used as permanent wiring.
9. Only one multi-plug adapter is allowed per electrical socket.
10. Two (2) foot access aisles are required to all portions of the hangar.
11. A current certified ABC fire extinguisher.
Also, since we will be going through all the associated records, you may want to be sure that your current insurance certificate is on file with AAC, as we will be checking that as well.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Effective: May 15, 2002
Please visit the Airport management office and/or speak with Patricia Etherington for new policy information.


1100 to 1400 local June 9 2002
Aircraft Display Day
Vintage aircraft will be displayed in transient parking and on the ramp by the Albatross.

Mallard Sky Dive Restaurant
Grand Opening June 1, 2002

April Newsletter


Safety Committee report:

The new taxilane, which is a break in the row of tie downs across from the HH hangers, was created as a result of both pilot requests and the March Safety Committee meeting. There are now yellow taxiway lines to identify where this break is located.

The Safety Committee would also like to remind everyone to be a good neighbor and to do your preflight walk around in your tie down spot or your hanger so to not create a traffic jam in the taxilanes. And, of course, your preflight run ups should only be done in the designated run up areas.

The WHP Safety site is a site created by the Safety Committee in order to bring relevant information to the flying public. This site continues to expand so be sure to check it out next time you are ‘surfing the web’ http://www.whpsafety.org/

Other announcements:

Many of you that are based in the area near the main gate may have noticed that the taxiway centerline stripe has been moved. Several tee hangars are being relocated to the end of the existing tee hanger rows so the taxilane, while fully compliant with taxiway dimensions was relocated.

Also, in that same area, some of you have noticed that water has been disconnected. This is due to those being unauthorized connections.


Dusty from Vista Aviation wanted to be sure to remind everyone that this is the time of year that birds build their nests. So be sure and check to make sure the birds aren’t building nests in your engine!  That wouldn’t be good for either your aircraft or for the baby birds!

Vehicle Parking

Please remember that the airport is not a place for storing vehicles. Towing has begun and will continue for those vehicles parked for long periods of time in unauthorized parking spots, both airside and landside.

Tie Down Spots

Just a reminder - we are in the process of developing a comprehensive database that will allow us to closely track all our current tenants.  We have discovered several aircraft in spots not assigned to them as well as aircraft without leases parked in tie down spots. It is important that you are tied down in the spot that is currently assigned to you. If there is any confusion, please come talk to the airport manager, and things will get sorted out. Also, be prepared to pay transient parking rates for any aircraft parked in spots with no lease. Inventories have been taking place, and charges will be retroactive.

Calendar of Events


WHP  Aircraft Display Day
1100 to 1400 local, May 12, 2002

Vintage aircraft will be displayed in transient parking and on the ramp by the Albatross.  This is the first of what will be a monthly event, held each 2nd Sunday.

March Newsletter

Safety First: The Safety Committee has created a new web site http://www.whpsafety.org/
Please check it out, and we encourage any questions or comments – there is an address on the web site to send your comments and feedback to, and it is: committee@WHPsafety.org

Another safety item is that the wind tee will soon be put OTS. The County is looking into constructing a larger lighted wind sock in the segmented circle where the wind tee is now located. A new wind sock and lighting will be put up in the interim to provide accurate wind information until the County project gets completed.

One last safety item is that a hangar inspection program will commence soon. Areas that will be included in these inspections are grounded in County rules, regulations and laws such as the Fire Codes, Building Codes and Title 19 of the L.A County Codes. More detailed information will be posted on the safety web site soon. These inspections are being done for both your safety as well as the safety of your neighbors.

Be A Good Neighbor: Please perform your preflight walk around checks in your hangar or tiedown spot whenever possible.

Words to the Budget-Conscious: Many Whiteman folks may not know that they can get a 5 per cent rebate on purchases at the Whiteman Fuel facility as well as purchases at Sun Quest and Vista if they use the AOPA Credit Card issued by MBNA. To get more information on the AOPA Credit Card Program featuring 5 per cent FBO rebates, pilots who are AOPA members should call 1-800-523-7666.

Excerpt from Controller’s Corner currently on safety web site: “Even when Rwy 30 is the primary runway, the use of the upwind entry will be used on occasion. If this should happen to you while in flight just listen to the controller’s instructions, and if you’re not sure on what to do just ask the controller to repeat his instructions.  While on the topic of being unfamiliar, it is best if you advise the controller as soon as possible that you are unfamiliar with the area or, if on the ground, just ask for progressive taxi instructions.”

For more on this, go to the web site. The Controller’s Corner is regularly updated to give relevant and useful information pertaining to WHP ATC.  Here is the link:   Controllers' Corner

February Newsletter

Safety First

The Safety Committee is an organization that meets once a month to discuss airport safety issues and solutions to these issues. If you have a concern regarding safety on the Whiteman Airport (WHP), you can bring it to the attention of one of the members of this committee and it can be addressed at the monthly meetings. If you are not sure who the members are, a listing can be found posted on the bulletin board in the main airport office. Future issues of this newsletter will have articles contributed by members of the Safety Committee.

One area pertaining to safety that is getting scrutinized is vehicle parking on the airfield. Vehicles need to be parked inside of hangars when you are out flying or parked in your tie down spot. Taxiing aircraft are having difficulty getting through areas constricted by parked cars. Also, there are several vehicles that have been parked at various spots on the airport for extended periods of time. These vehicles will be tagged and if no action is taken to move them to appropriate parking areas then these vehicles will be removed from the airfield. Needless to say, the airport is not to be used for the storage of either vehicles or other equipment such as boats or derelict airplanes parts. These will be the first to be removed from the airport.

An item that may be of interest is the bird control program recently initiated here at WHP. It is modeled after a program proven successful at BUR. You may see technicians from Dewey Pest Control out on the airfield. They are out there working on this program.

From the Airport Manager

I just wanted to thank those of you who stopped in to introduce yourselves and if you haven't already, then I sure would enjoy meeting you.

One area that I want people to have a heads up on is tie down spaces. We are currently developing a comprehensive database that will allow us to track our tenants. So if you could be sure that you are parked in the tie spot currently assigned to you, it will be a big help, especially once the new database is on-line.

AOPA Representative

For those of you who don't know, John Marshall is Whiteman's AOPA Airport Support Network representative. He also serves on the Airport Safety committee. John can be contacted through the AOPA Web site's e-mail.  On most days, he can be found in Hangar HH-10, across from Able Air, in the blue hangars at the north side of the field.  John is interested in hearing from anybody about AOPA issues including airport safety and in helping to promote a better public understanding of general aviation.  AOPA is dedicated to keeping airports open and safe, and so is John.

Jet A Fuel Now Available

JetA fuel is now available at WHP. Contact the main office for service. 80/87 fuel is getting phased out and will not be available once the current inventory is gone.

Annual Fire Extinguisher Check

This is your second reminder that the annual fire extinguisher testing will be done. As promised in the last newsletter, here are the exact dates for the testing. Testing will be done on  March 5th and 6th. This service is free to tenants of American Airports and a minimal fee will be charged to other airport tenants.

Your Airplane Could Be a Star

We are frequently asked as to the availability of aircraft to be used for filming. If you are interested in possibly having your plane used for this purpose, please drop off a couple of up-to-date pictures of your aircraft, along with your contact information, to the airport administrative offices. We will provide this information to interested parties.

Environmental Corner

Recently the aircraft wash area drainage pipe was cleaned out to provide for better drainage when washing aircraft. In order to keep this pipe open and flowing for as long as possible the wash area is restricted for washing aircraft only. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Any aircraft painting done in hangars or on the airport premises is illegal and subject to fines.  Not only does aircraft painting in hangars present health risks and explosion hazards, it also violates state and federal air quality regulations.  Currently, Compton Airport is the only LA County airport with a legal ventilated painting facility.  The painting booth rate at Compton runs $300 a day for 9 hours of work time, including overnight drying time.  Please contact Stripbright Aircraft Painting and Booth Rental at (310) 603-1219 for more information.

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